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0001077SMF 2.0(No Category)public2007-12-08 21:022008-11-08 12:12
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Summary0001077: French characters not appearing correctly [language file issue?]
Description;topicseen [^]
Some French characters are not appearing correctly. I can confirm this in at least one instance: [^]

GravuTrad says ( [^]):
in php.ini, make sure that:
mbstring.encoding_translation = On
mbstring.internal_encoding = HTML-ENTITIES

is set. I can't confirm these settings, but this is what GravuTrad (a language moderator).
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Nao/Gilles (Viewer)
2007-12-22 13:41

I can confirm the issue is the same as another I discussed today on the SMF 2.0 portion of the bug tracker.
Nao/Gilles (Viewer)
2008-01-01 05:29

DECEMBRE is no longer appearing in uppercase, and there's no garbled character instead of é, but we're still getting "Dcembre" instead of "Décembre". JFYI.
Aaron (SMF Friend)
2008-11-08 12:12

This appears to be resolved. Feel free to reopen if necessary.
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