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06-18-2018 04:48 PM

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0001340SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"public2009-02-02 15:07
Summary0001340: Packages - Images not installed on ALL themes
Description(wasn't sure what severity to rate at)
Affects 2.0 beta 1/1.1 and Beta 2 dev.

Although SMF gives you the option/attempts to install edits of packages onto all themes, Images and files are left out and not copied into each theme.

Example my YouTube mod. It doesn't give me the option to install the image onto each theme. (I've attached a copy)

I am extracting it with
        <require-file name="youtube.gif" destination="$themedir/images/bbc" />
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JayBachatero (SMF Friend)

IIRC ATM images are not copied over. I could be wrong though.


Grudge (SMF Friend)

Yea we never implemented the feature for this bit at the moment, it only does the actual code changes. I think it's a worthy feature but for Beta 3 now.


karlbenson (SMF Friend)

Indeed I can see this would need a bit of planning.

I definately think an option in the package xml should set themes="one" or themes="all"

If adding a new template, you wouldn't want it in every theme.
If adding a new image, some you might want in all themes, others you might not.


Nao/Gilles (Viewer)

Good idea, Karl.
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