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0001626SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"public2008-02-28 09:18
Summary0001626: Putting all recycled single messages into a single topic
DescriptionAlready reported this, but it was as a side dish on a different Recycle board matter. Deserves its own report I believe.

The recycle board creates a new topic everytime a single post is removed (when several posts are removed at the same time through post moderation, a new topic is created with all these posts, though). This increases topic IDs much, much faster. Isn't there another way to deal with this?

For instance, by creating a single topic that holds all removed messages. The first post would be undeletable (and unrestorable), making the topic permanent, so that no new topic is created every time a message is removed.

I really don't see myself using this in the current condition, which is really a shame considering how interesting it can be. Too many topics created.
An "empty trash" button could be added to the Recycle board, it would remove all outstanding topics in the board, except for the first post of the "permanent" topic.

I'm aware that this would require the addition of a "id_previous_topic" field to smf_messages, though. It could be avoided by re-using another field, such as id_msg_modified, to store the topic ID. But I'm pretty sure the team would never do that ;)
Or, some BBC tag could be added to the beginning or end of the body field, such as [original_topic_id]1234[/original_topic_id]. That way, we could provide a link to the original topic when browsing through deleted messages, and also extract the topic ID for restoring the message. (Of course, the BBC tag would then have to be deleted.)
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JayBachatero (SMF Friend)

Nao in 2.0 delete posts should be grouped together. Lets say that you delete reple c from topic abc. A new topic def is started in the recycle board. The id_previous_topic field is set to abc for that deleted reply. Now you go and delete reply b from topic abc. SMF finds that there is a topic thet has id_previous_topic with the value of abc. So reply b is moved to topic def.

If that's not how its working now let me know.


Nao/Gilles (Viewer)

Sorry for the late reply -- I had switch to "SMF 2.0" in the project manager, while Thantos put it into 2.1.
Yes this is how it's working. But still, deleted posts are more likely to be from lots of different topics. And if you delete post by post, there's no guarantee you won't have already emptied the trash when you remove the next one from the same topic.

Just seems to me that there are better ways to handle this. Unfortunately, they're all more complicated than what is currently being done. Only one is actually simpler, IMHO.

So, the better, simpler way to do it would be to consider deleted posts as "approved = 2" in topics. That way, new topics don't have to be created, and the recycle board wouldn't have to be an actual board -- just an interface to view all deleted posts, then if you click on "empty trash", all posts will be removed from the topic.
That would be elegant. Disabling the "recycle board" would simply run "empty trash" automatically every time a post is deleted.
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