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0002337SMF 2.0public2009-03-12 20:18
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Summary0002337: number of open moderation reports
DescriptionIn the Moderation.php file you have this part of the query in ModBlockReportedPosts():

            WHERE ' . ($user_info['mod_cache']['bq'] == '1=1' || $user_info['mod_cache']['bq'] == '0=1' ? $user_info['mod_cache']['bq'] : 'lr.' . $user_info['mod_cache']['bq']) . '
                AND lr.closed = {int:not_closed}
                AND lr.ignore_all = {int:not_ignored}

Yet in the recountOpenReports() function you have:

        WHERE ' . $user_info['mod_cache']['bq'] . '
            AND closed = {int:not_closed}
            AND ignore_all = {int:not_ignored}',

The where part of this query is slightly different from the $user_info part of the query.

I am not sure 100% if this is causing the issue, but here on, I see that in the header it says "There are currently 2 moderator reports open."
Yet when I go to view them, I see 3 of them actually.
The server admin looked at this as well and it said 5 where open for him and it actually showed 6.
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Grudge (SMF Friend)

That isn't the cause of the bug. Out of interset, if you log out then back in does the number match?


SleePy (Developer)

Last edited: 2008-07-26 14:13

I tested here at and a login/out did not change it. Granted this maybe an issue with the cache.

It says there is 3 open, when I view it I see 4...

I thought possible ignored boards where taking effect myself, but the query itself I can see both of them using the ignored board in the same maner. Which is why I thought it was the query.


SleePy (Developer)

Unable to reproduce.
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