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0002790SMF 2.0public2008-12-09 16:19
Summary0002790: pg_version() doesn't exist in PHP 4.x
DescriptionDuring installation, SMF tries to use the pg_version() function to get the PostgreSQL version. For whatever reason, this function only exists in PHP 5. This leads to a "Call to undefined function: pg_version()" error.
Additional InformationWe basically have two options here:
1. Do a version check only after they've entered the details, then scream at them if they don't have 7.4.10 or higher.
2. Don't do any version checks at all. The minimum version of PostgreSQL we support is nearly 3 years old at this point, so it should be fairly safe to assume they're using a current version of PostgreSQL.
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Compuart (SMF Friend)

Since there should already be a connection at the time of running version_check, a query should suffice. Can you verify this solution?


Compuart (SMF Friend)

 ! Attempt an alternative way of retrieving the version as the pg_version function doesn't exist yet in PHP 4.x. (install.php) Revision 7677
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