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0003009SMF 2.1[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"] public2012-06-14 06:12
PrioritynoneSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
Summary0003009: Duplicate Tags + Pagination = GW problem.
and several other reports where Google Webmasters is reporting issues with SMF default meta information because every page in the pagination of a topic has the same meta title and description.

So although each page in a topic isn't duplicate content. It does have duplicate tags.

Whilst anyone wanting perfect seo should invest in mods. It would be nice that default smf wasn't having these issues reported in Google Webmasters. If google is saying its a problem then we should fix it.

For some smf'ers with lots of topics, google is reporting THOUSANDS of topics with this issue.

After reading

Possible Solution, add the page number to the title and descriptions
<title>{title} - Page 2</title>
<title>{title} #2</title>
<title>{title} [2]</title>
same with description.

This is actually the same solution which is independantly devised and used on my own forum last year, and you remember how good my results were ;)
Although having - Page 2 in the title in google search results might not look nice. Its probably one of the best ways to make it unique.

PERHAPS, the page 2 bit should only be added after the first page.

topic=10.0 = <title>My Title</title>
topic=10.10 = <title>My Title - Page 2</title>
topic=10.20 = <title>My Title - Page 3</title>
Tags2.1, SEO
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Alundra (Beta Tester)

I agree with this. I hope it can be done so page ranks cam move up ;D.


Compuart (SMF Friend)

Definitely something to look into. But still it's kind of a feature. Moving it to the next version.


groundup (SMF Friend)

Spuds, which of these would you want to go with? I am leaning towards Page # on subsequent pages.


emanuele (Viewer)

What I did is:
(twice) in Subs.php:
    $context['page_title_html_safe'] = $smcFunc['htmlspecialchars'](un_htmlspecialchars($context['page_title'])) . (!empty($context['current_page']) ? ' - ' . $txt['page'] . ' ' . ($context['current_page'] + 1) : '');

and in constructPageIndex:
    $context['current_page'] = $start / $num_per_page;

that should work


emanuele (Viewer)

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Commit: 42792051e32d4cfe3d40d7d68f323481f5e6e93d
Message: ! Added page number to title and meta tags [Bug 3009]
Author: emanuele
Date: 01/03/2012

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