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06-19-2018 07:44 PM

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0004113SMF 2.1[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"] public2013-11-10 13:27
Summary0004113: Redundant files
DescriptionWhen upgrading between major versions some Source and Template files have been renamed or are no longer present.

Currently the upgrader doesn't identify and delete these files. I think it would be good practice to do this.

Additionally the file versions area (Support and Credits > More Detailed) shows these files with latest version marked "??". It'd be nice to display a message instead informing the user that this file is no longer used and so can be deleted.
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Arantor_old (Viewer)

For example, 1.1's ModSettings.php is replaced by 2.0's ManageSettings.php

I agree this would be nice; I personally think this should even be done prior to 2.0 final because it's a 2.0 feature essentially not working in line with user expectations.

However I have no objections to deferring to 2.1.


Norv (SMF Friend)

Might be worth looking into, for 2.0 final.
IMHO it looks a bit unprofessional, this way.


groundup (SMF Friend)

This is in 2.1, should it not be in 2.0?


arrowtotheknee (SMF Friend)

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