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06-18-2018 04:41 PM

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0004350SMF 2.1[All Projects] Generalpublic2012-06-15 18:45
ReporterKill Em All 
Summary0004350: shows only one accelerator
DescriptionIf multiple accelerators are installed on the server, SMF will only show one being installed. I personally could not try this, but two people have confirmed it.

Link up there is description, scroll down further and a fix is provided by live627.
Tags2.1, With Fix
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feline (Viewer)

True .. if more then one installed (eg. eaccelerator and memcached) then eaccelerator is used. Here we need checkboxes (I think) for each found caching as example:
[ ] eaccelerator
[ ] memcached
[ ] file


groundup (SMF Friend)

Radio buttons. We shouldn't use multiple caches (which is what we're really discussing here. We aren't concerned with accelerators - it's above our level).


feline (Viewer)

Yeah sorry .. my bad. I mean radio buttons :)


groundup (SMF Friend)

Considering that most people will NOT have multiple caches installed, the late nature of this bug, and the number of people this will affect, do we push this to Saguaro?


Nibogo (Viewer)

I agree in addition to that this isn't a fatal bug, if someone has more two or more accelerators well he'll be ok using any of them maybe include live627's fix so people will know that their accelerators are detected.


groundup (SMF Friend)

The fix is actually really simple. Perhaps if one of the devs want to commit it. I'm moving it to Saguaro in the interim.


Nibogo (Viewer)

That fix do it, it's pretty simple, easy to implement and bugs free so I can't see why not include it in RC4 and leave the radio buttons thing for Saguaro. Let see what Devs says.


feline (Viewer)

I think, it's a good point to put the cachefunctions in a functon array (like $smcFunc).
$smcCacheFunc = array(
'cacheput' => ....,
'cacheget' => ....,
'cacheclear' => ...);
So we need no test on each read/write the cache. It's easier and speed up each cache access...


Ensiferous (Viewer)

I don't understand this. It makes no sense to have two opcode caches installed nor two content caches. Why is support for multiple required? If anything there should be a drop down box to select which content cache to use.


Spuds (Viewer)


! move cache engine choice to the setting.php file, instead of saving the choice in a cached file?
! allow choosing from any installed cache engines (dropdown of detected engines)
! clean_cache updates to clean other caches, not just smf cache
! re-layout the cache settings page
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