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04-20-2018 11:51 PM

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0004426SMF 2.1[SMF 2.0] public2014-01-25 16:04
Summary0004426: Not showing topic as new with replys awaiting approval
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has duplicate 0003345closed SMF 3.0 "Saguaro" Unread/UnreadReplies/Recent doesn't include unapproved topics/msgs, even if your admin/can approve 
related to 0004964closedarrowtotheknee SMF 2.0 posts waiting approval issues 



[SiNaN] (Viewer)

First, I would be happy if the issue is quickly summarized and steps to reproduce it are provided in the report as well.

Testing this, replies to an approved topic with unapproved replies worked fine for me. So I guess, what people refer to as "post" in the related topic is actually "topic". So when you have an unapproved topic, it won't be marked as unread anywhere but the message index.

There are two other areas which you would expect to see such a topic as unread:

Unread Topics/Replies: Currently these sections are bloated enough and I don't see an easy way to include unapproved topics in these areas at all, with any/own stuff and permissions differring accross the boards.

Board Index: We use id_last_msg field of the board to determine if a board is unread or not. However, it will not get updated if the topic which gets the reply is unapproved. Now, if we did update it, members without the permission to view the unapproved topic will see the board marked as unread, but won't be able to see the topic at all.

With the current way we handle unapproved topics, I don't see a way to fix this issue and I'm inclined towards a "won't fix" here, at least until we revamp the post moderation stuff.


Norv (SMF Friend)

IMHO Unread Topics and specially Replies seems the section of choice, where users would really expect to see if there's something unread they'd be interested in.
If it's too risky to handle however, as I suspected, then IMHO we can go for documenting the issue as a known issue for 2.0, and re-addressing it in 2.1.


[SiNaN] (Viewer)

For including unapproved topics in Unread Topics/Replies we will need to consider the boards member can moderate and whether the member is the starter or not for the boards they cannot moderate. I don't think it's viable to do at this stage.


emanuele (Viewer)

Placeholder waiting for a bit of testing.

Commit: 08c90d38ab1aed097f4ff23f35a047c37cfc7f7e

 Unapproved posts show up in unread and unreadreplies [Bug 4426] - separated branch because it can introduce security issues, so I prefer to test it a little bit more


arrowtotheknee (SMF Friend)

Moved to Github where it is centrally tracked:
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