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06-19-2018 07:39 PM

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0004493SMF 2.1Admin Panelpublic2013-10-16 15:04
Summary0004493: No describtion on subboards to redirects
DescriptionWhen you create a sub board that redirects to another site, the describtion is nowhere to be seen.
Additional InformationEither the describtion field should be disabled or hidden in Admin -> Boards -> Modify, when creating a subboard that redirects, or the describtion should be shown when hovering over the link.
Now the hover shows 'xx redirects', which is fine, but the two could be combined.
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Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen (SMF Friend)

Go inside the board, that has child boards. You will see the descriptions.

Even though they are not to be seen on the index, you will see them inside the mainboards.


Nibogo (Viewer)

I agree with Lex, this isn't a bug, it's a "feature"


Antechinus (SMF Friend)

So let me get this straight: are you suggesting that we have the board description in the tooltip on the main board index so that people can tell where they will be redirected to when they click the child board link?

If that's what you mean it does sound rather sensible as I can see it saving people time in daily use.


Mark Rose (Beta Tester)

I really like that idea, if so.


Akyhne (Viewer)

Lex: Only if the board containing the child boards is not a redirect as well. Then there's no chance to view the description.

Nibogo: Feature or not, one can't see the describtion in the above example.

Ant: Yeah, like many other forum software do provide the first 2-300 characthers of a post when hovering over it in messageindex view, it would be nice to have the same with descriptions for subboards.
It doesn't have to be a 2.0 feature, but could be concidered for 2.1 or whatever. However, it is not good that you can actually make a description that can't be viewed.


Norv (SMF Friend)

The redirect could also be to an external site, not necessarily to a board.

Either way, this sound nice for 2.1.


Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen (SMF Friend)

Board desc. inside a tooltip would sound good - but still, I wouldn't change the way it behaves at the moment, since as long as you have the childboard redirects inside a real board, the descriptions are available - and so the description part serves a purpose. It is only if you have a redirect inside a redirect, when it becomes "hidden".

But yeah, the tooltip thing in addition to how it works now, would be cool :)


Akyhne (Viewer)



Labradoodle-360 (SMF Friend)

I went ahead and wrote this up fairly easily in my personal clone repo. It utilizes shorten_subject(); at 128 characters, which was a number I saw used elsewhere.

It's quite a few characters though, so we might want to consider limiting it even further.


Antechinus (SMF Friend)

32? 64?


Suki (Developer)

Already included in 2.1
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