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04-20-2018 11:53 PM

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0004551SMF 2.1[SMF 2.0] Generalpublic2012-07-08 19:40
PlatformChromeOSAllOS Version
Summary0004551: Random [size] appearing with WYSIWYG
DescriptionRandom size tags attack my posts using Chrome, not entirely sure why sometimes and not others. Will always happen if I copy any text.

[size=78%]Modification and Theme approvals will now reject any mods submit with the SMF in the authors name field. Existing packages have one month to move away from this format or be removed from the [/size]customizations[size=78%] site. After confusion and abuse this change is [/size]necessary[size=78%]. [/size]

Is example. The BBCode doesn't work, so dunno why the editor spits it out.
Steps To ReproduceOpen Chrome, make a post, may or may not happen. Sure you've seen it on some of my posts.
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related to 0004071closedNorv WYSIWYG in Opera: at the start of the new line, tags come out reversed 



Trekkie101 (SMF Friend)

Does not occur on new WYSIWYG editor, closing the bug because I believe the intention is to move to a new editor.


Trekkie101 (SMF Friend)

New editor doesn't have the same issue.
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