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06-18-2018 04:39 PM

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0004758SMF 2.1Calendarpublic2013-06-24 19:22
Summary0004758: Ical feature needs some work
Descriptionas found in Ical has been a somewhat hidden feature, and in 2.0 has no way though the user interface to find the link required to use the feature. this should be resolved sometime in the future to aid users.
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Spuds (Viewer)


* ! Update the iCal export function. Add in permissions and interface to actually use it as well. WIP


Trekkie101 (SMF Friend)

Looks good, and works on iCal on Mac OS X Lion.

Shame it doesn't have the ability to import the whole calendar from the board. I think that'd need some CalDAV crap?


Spuds (Viewer)

Thanks for the report ... I'll probably add in the ability to export events at the month level in addition to the existing individual event level.

Importing in to the smf calendar will not make its way in to 2.x It may be a 3.0 item.


Trekkie101 (SMF Friend)

To clarify sorry,

Month level like operations was what I meant :)


Labradoodle-360 (SMF Friend)

When I did the SMF 2.1 Calendar Overhaul, I again improved the visibility of this functionality.

I'd love to overhaul the calendar again in SMF 2.2 to add full import/export abilities for all sections of the calendar (per [day/week/month/year] and so forth).

For now, I think we can call this good.
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