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06-18-2018 04:40 PM

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0004788SMF 2.1Themes General Imagespublic2014-01-25 00:57
Summary0004788: RTL support for "directional" icons.
DescriptionMinor problem, but one it would be good to fix. Some icons are "directional", in that they point one way or the other. Menu toggle, split select and split deselect are examples.

Ideally we would call reversed icons for rtl in these cases, in the same way that the stats pie is handled. Best way of doing this seems to be to change the markup/css so that the icons are called as css background images rather than inline images.
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arrowtotheknee (SMF Friend)

Pretty much all of these should be done now (since most things by now are sprites via CSS anyway). Any that do occur, please file on Github.
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