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04-26-2018 09:31 AM

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0004789SMF 2.1Templatepublic2012-06-01 18:15
Summary0004789: Quickbuttons markup not the best for custom theming.
DescriptionBit of a balls up, in retrospect. Taking a random example:

<li class="approve_button">lotsa_blah';

with css as:

ul.quickbuttons li.approve_button
    background: url(../images/theme/quickbuttons.png) no-repeat 0 -90px;

Eh wot? Bugger and grumble. Problem here is that this borks things if you want a buttonish background for the quickbuttons. What would be better markup is this:

  • lotsa_blah
  • ';

    with css as:

    ul.quickbuttons li a.approve_button
        background: url(../images/theme/quickbuttons.png) no-repeat 0 -90px;

    That would allow setting a general buttonish background for ul.quickbuttons li and ul.quickbuttons li:hover with minimal css, and would also allow infernal piles of bat poo (like IE8) to have buttonish backgrounds and icons on the quickbuttons.

    ETA: For some reason Mantis isn't displaying the full markup in the examples, even though it's all there in the edit window. I've seen this before and it seems to be a bug in Mantis. It seems to be related to line breaks.

    What the hell use is a bug tracker that wont display code?

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