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04-20-2018 11:44 PM

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0004807SMF 2.1Features and Optionspublic2014-04-20 16:30
Summary0004807: Theme settings are not related to themes admin -> current theme
Descriptionas seen in this report several of the "theme" settings have nothing to do with themes, like show current position in forum as link instead of text, or show last modification date on modified posts. some or many of these options on this page should be put on a general page in admin as they should apply on all themes and not just specific themes.
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Akyhne (Viewer)

All those options are there to be able to tweak each theme you use in a forum. I see no reason to move them.


Illori (Project Support)

i dont see them as theme options but general smf options like those found in features and options. most forum admin that post support questions on the forum cant even find the options they are looking for anyway so i think moving these might help them find what they are looking for.


Antechinus (SMF Friend)

I agree with Illori. We discussed this in the dev board some time ago (can't remember which thread) and IIRC the consensus was that some settings would indeed make much more sense on a general page.


Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen (SMF Friend)

In general - I'd love to get rid of most the per theme settings, and move them over to general settings.

I doubt many really use different settings based on theme, but rather have all themes use the same settings for concistency anyways.
Also having all those settings cover all users regardless of theme, saves us from always checking what settings are for what themes and so on...


Antechinus (SMF Friend)

Exactly. I mean I'm into using different themes and variants all over the place. My site currently runs four different theme and around thirty variants of them (can't remember exactly) but in general I want these settings consistent across all themes.


Akyhne (Viewer)

Half of those options can't be removed.


Antechinus (SMF Friend)

Ok, so that means the other half can, which will make things easier for our end users. :)


Antechinus (SMF Friend)

Had a thought about the "who is viewing" settings. Really that seems like something that is more suitable for profile > look and layout rather than a global admin setting.

I mean I don't want it even if some admin is silly enough to set it for everyone, and I'd bet I'm not the only person who thinks that way. As a normal user, I'd prefer to be able to turn the thing off if it was on by default.


Antes (Team Member) anything more? Open issue at GitHub
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