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06-18-2018 04:58 PM

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0004890SMF 2.1Postspublic2012-06-22 04:15
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Summary0004890: WYSIWYG underline and point size issues

1) the font size drop down is misleading, it gives sizes in pt, but when using the WYSIWYG editor the sizes are set without any measure or in em;
2) when there is a size tag included in an u tag, then if a new line of text is added and the size is set to something different toggling the editor from WYSIWYG to normal (or post the message) will result in including a closing size tag just before the 2nd opening tag and another one after the 2nd closing size tag...example:
Code: [Select]
[u][size=1.45em]Switched to WYSIWYG, I'm typing now some text.[/size][/u]

[size=4]another line[/size]
WYSIWYG on => WYSIWYG off, the final code is:
Code: [Select]
[u][size=1.45em]Switched to WYSIWYG, I'm typing now some text.[/size][/u]

[/size][size=4]another line[/size][size=1.45em]
It seems to happen only with the "u" tag.

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Antechinus (SMF Friend)

Question: is there any point in worrying about this? The almost unanimous opinion seems to be that we should throw this editor away and use an existing third party one in future versions of SMF.


emanuele (Viewer)

Commented on the forum due to lack of code tag here :P


Spuds (Viewer)

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! Font size in WYSIWYG editor not in pt first part of bug 4890

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