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06-19-2018 07:31 PM

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0004911SMF 2.1[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-10-08 09:51
Summary0004911: Theme compability and upgrade.php
Descriptionwhen there are major changes in themes between versions the upgrade.php script should offer to the admin the ability to reset the default theme to "default" as many custom themes from old versions dont work with the newer versions. Not always are the admin users able to access the admin panel due to theme changes and not always will adding ?theme=1 work to reset the theme.
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emanuele (Viewer)

Looking at the code in upgrade.php I noticed the code that should remove the mods from installed themes...does it make sense to try to uninstall mods from themes that very likely will not work anyway?


Antechinus (SMF Friend)

I wouldn't. Not for major version changes. It's just one more thing to go wrong with the upgrade, and the script is heavily loaded already on largish sites.

If an admin wants to keep a custom theme, they can easily upload the vanilla files they got with the theme in the first place, just as they have to upload new default theme files, etc.


Illori (Project Support)

at least for 2.1 i believe this should be resolved with recent changes to upgrade.php [and sql scripts]
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