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0004979SMF 2.1[All Projects] public2012-04-20 17:532012-10-16 13:36
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Summary0004979: SMF 2.1 Alpha 1 - DEV 20120419 - cache not writable
DescriptionThis error show on top if the cache enabled.
The folder IS writable and I use APC (what is detected)
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Spuds (SMF Friend)
2012-04-30 09:35

When you say DEV 20120419 ... is this a version from one of the GIT repo's?
feline (Beta Tester)
2012-04-30 19:57

No.. from here (Download - Dev Packages)
On Git I can't find any SMF 2.1 ....
Spuds (SMF Friend)
2012-05-01 20:03

feline ... I'm not sure whats in the Dev Packages from here, TBH I think they are the old SVN builds.

The GIT repos information is in there two posts:

Git repositories: [^]

Testing and contributing to SMF 2.1: [^]
feline (Beta Tester)
2012-05-02 14:14

Can any one give me a link to for the current smf2.1 branch?
I can't use git client on my pc .. i have svn for out projects
Spuds (SMF Friend)
2012-05-02 19:09

You should be able to go here: [^] and get the latest tar or zip ... this is the "merging" repo where things are tried before they go to the main (not public yet) smf 2.1 repo ... Thats my way of saying it will have the most bugs but is also the most current :P
feline (Beta Tester)
2012-05-03 20:36

Thanks Spuds :)
医生唱片骑师 (Beta Tester)
2012-05-12 10:09

Feline, does this error still occur? If so, are you using a Windows hosting? It doesn't happen to me on Ubuntu 12.04, so that's why I'm wondering.
feline (Beta Tester)
2012-05-17 17:18

I tested on a windows system with xammp ;-)
Spuds (SMF Friend)
2012-10-16 13:36

Fixed in current github branch of 2.1
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