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0004987SMF 1.1Generalpublic2012-10-14 14:17
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Summary0004987: Smiley mods installing wrong
DescriptionSorry for the sucky title.

I recently helped a 1.1.16 forum, the guy had installed smileys through the smileys of the moment function.

These smileys werent working.

When I looked in FTP it looked like he had extracted the mod into a folder by the zips name and shoved it into the smileys

/BlueSmileyAnimation_2 (package/install files here)
/bsa (smileys here)

Essentially it's downloading the smileys and extracting the contents into a folder....but if the smiley is a mod it's not actually installing them through the package manager?
Steps To Reproduce1.1.16 forum > Admin > Smileys

Install a smiley of the moment, such as BlueSmileyAnimation_2 or ANY of the others

Visit FTP and see for yourself they wont work.
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emanuele (Viewer)

That's something funny.

The smiley packages are usually manually installed from the package manager, the install from the url is probably there to allow a sort of "one-click install", unfortunately it simply extract the package into the target directory without taking in consideration the package-info.xml.

Now the funny part: the url is provided by (yes, the server here).

So: the simplest way to fix it is ask the site team to change the url:
var actionurl = '?action=admin;area=smileys;sa=install;set_gz=';
to point to the package manager instead:
var actionurl = '?area=packages;sa=download;get;package=';
that will increase the number of clicks needed to install a smiley pack, but in the end it will work as expected! :D

To make the "one-click install" works I we need a bit more work...


Alundra (Beta Tester)

That's what I was trying to explain, thanks!

I considered it more of a preview thing, as opposed to a one click thing. More of a "don't have to go to SMF to find smileys - but you should ha ha"

Couldnt you make it run the package in the background then? Make it extract in packages and run it in one click without confirmation?


emanuele (Viewer)

commit 6df37561417ccb06b2d825748b05a64a2cede4b9
Author: emanuele
Date: Sun Oct 14 2012

    And finally the smiley "one click install" works as expected using (half of) the power of pacman! [Bug 4987] - there is still a log way to make everything consistent...
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