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06-19-2018 07:36 PM

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0004998SMF 2.1Postspublic2013-12-06 14:24
ReporterEliana Tamerin 
Summary0004998: POST/PREVIEW reversed
DescriptionThe POST and PREVIEW buttons are reversed in order from how SMF 2.0 has them. Which, while this means POST is aligned closest to the edge of the text box, the tabindex still selects POST first, which is not what the brain expects to happen (in Western cultures, we're trained to think and see from left to right).
Steps To ReproduceOpen Reply page (or Quick Reply)
Click in textbox
Press TAB on keyboard
Look what is selected (POST)
Additional InformationSuggested fix: Reverse the order of POST and PREVIEW again, so that POST is left-most. Less mouse travel space if you're a WYSIWYG user, and it just reflects our custom as well.
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emanuele (Viewer)

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There is a logic in that and I like it: all the buttons that "saves" something are now on the far right.

Several other buttons have been inverted. The only one I'd object is "clear log", I'd see that one on the far left and not "remove selected" :P ...that and the scheduled tasks, but in that case I'd swap the table columns.


groundup (SMF Friend)

I agree with emanuele


Labradoodle-360 (SMF Friend)

I also agree with emanuele. Can we close this?


arrowtotheknee (SMF Friend)

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