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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00004394[SMF 2.0]
trivialclosed2007-03-26Add yourself as a buddy
  00000751[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-03-26stats bug with categories
  00004963[SMF 2.0]
majorclosed2007-03-17Admin Center layout totally screwed up
  00005053[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-03-10Undefined index: member
  00005103[SMF 2.0]
majorclosed2007-03-10Profile permissions broken
  00004981[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-03-10Only 4 PM's per page?
  00005035[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-03-10Can't modify profile
  00004971[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-03-04Subs-Package error
  00001396[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-22"can be primary" on new member groups
  00004471[SMF 1.1]
minorclosed2007-02-21SMF handling of partial custom search indexes
  00000172[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Unable to verify referring url. Please go back and try again.
  00000222[SMF 2.0]
tweakclosed2007-02-17loadTheme() calls function allowedTo('admin_forum') when loadPermissions() has not been called yet.
  00000383[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Deleting last reply in topic doesn't respect the last post's time of the topic when ordering.
  00000064[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17UTF not used in ssi_examples.php
  00000581[SMF 2.0]
textclosed2007-02-17Admin "quick links" broken
  00000193[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17HTML entities in posts
  00000391[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Editing permission profiles
  00000841[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17PackageDownload() requires session check
  00000645[SMF 2.0]
trivialclosed2007-02-17Too many decimal places displayed when optimising database tables
  00000566[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Post contents not appearing in text box
  0000107 [SMF 2.0]
textclosed2007-02-17simple typo in Subs.php
  00001113[SMF 2.0]
tweakclosed2007-02-17"Unread Posts" link not appearing correctly
  00001613[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17WYSIWYG doesn't work?
  00001601[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Subs-Db-mysql.php should be Subs-DB-mysql.php
  00001182[SMF 2.0]
tweakclosed2007-02-17When removing theme, redirect to page you are on?
  00001731[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Syntax error on reminder
  00001361[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Signatures show on PMs even when they are disabled
  00001621[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Groups listing of members does not hide emails
  00002823[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17DB error on view PMs
  00002711[SMF 2.0]
majorclosed2007-02-17Upgrade removes all instances of the number of 1 from templates
  00002701[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Upgrade should make all changes to a table at once
  00002881[SMF 2.0]
blockclosed2007-02-17Admin -> Members broken
  00002611[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Manage Members
  00002962[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Your profile has successfully been updated
  00002901[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Main menu using wrong lang string
  00001578[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Upgrader Non-Functional
  00002891[SMF 2.0]
majorclosed2007-02-17Upgrade asks for ftp info twice on template upgrade
   00002532[SMF 2.0]
trivialclosed2007-02-17Rework "default guest options"
  00001592[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Upgrader shows path as "
" and asks for FTP info before you login...
  00003141[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17PM rules - double quotes (") in name causing display error
  00003181[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17visual_verification_code undefined
  00003101[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Wrong arrows in profile -> View Member Attachments
  00003071[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Search error
  00003061[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17WYSIWIG editor does quotes incorrectly
  00003051[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17WYSIWIG Editor using wrong font.
  00003171[SMF 2.0]
tweakclosed2007-02-17Use an array for $exclude_boards if one value not inside an array() is given
  000030011[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Language cache messed up
  00002623[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Settings.php make attempt to fix cachedir
  00003441[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Missing Globals $smfFunc
  00001981[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2007-02-17Page index for group members in mod center goes to admin area
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