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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00024253[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-15Attempt to insert upto 48 char into title varchar(30) in Calendar_Holidays
  00024243[SMF 2.0]
trivialresolved2008-08-15Database error when removing a variable from the url
  00024114[SMF 2.0]
majorresolved2008-08-15[Sqlite] near "SET": syntax error with $db_character_set
  00019951[SMF 1.1]
minorresolved2008-08-13'kick_guest' template not correctly loaded
  00024192[SMF 1.1]
minorresolved2008-08-13approval message sends name instead of display name
  00022463[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-13$helptxt['edit_news'] change
  00024103[SMF 2.0]
textresolved2008-08-12Typos in language files (2)
  000129912[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-12phpMyAdmin warnings on table indices
  00002661[SMF 1.1]
minorresolved2008-08-11Creating fulltextindex gives index.php to download
  00024024[SMF 2.0]
textresolved2008-08-11Typos in Language files
  00023975[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-10ReferenceError: Can't find variable: is_safari
  00024061[SMF 2.0]
textresolved2008-08-09"Send emails on MySQL connection error" (MySQL is not only database type)
  00023909[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-09Package Servers using relative links show collasped
  00015862[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-07[SQLite] Add support for ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN.
  00004409[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-06Broken search in SQLite
  00023872[SMF 2.0]
blockresolved2008-08-05A global moderator cannot issue a warning
  00023386[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-05Moderation Log - Deleted Topic Entry may sometimes show unrelated topic if it uses same id
  00023843[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-05Supress Mkdir errors
  00021026[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-05Sole Admin can get de-Admined
  00023561[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-05Pagination in the unread replies wrong
  00001589[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-05"blank" entries in moderation log
  00019541[SMF 2.0]
featureresolved2008-08-05LogInOut should some more common login methods
  00021831[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-05[Sqlite/MySql] Install.php - Errors when refreshing at step 4
  00021871[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-05undefined index while cleaning up modifications on upgrade
  00016575[SMF 2.0]
tweakresolved2008-08-04Issues with logging deletion of messages and topics
  00023821[SMF 2.0]
majorresolved2008-08-04moderation log shows all actions taken by "Guest"
  000228310[SMF 2.0]
majorresolved2008-08-04Topics first and last page are identical to normal users
  00022264[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-04Wrong value used for some search weights when searching
  00023792[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-04Polls Don't Pass Through Approval
  00019781[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-04Advanced Profile Fields > Select Default Option too short (can't save)
  00004544[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-03IP Address Links do not work in SMF 1.1.2
  00021352[SMF 2.0]
majorresolved2008-08-03Wrong sorting on member list
  00002286[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-03Profile data is displayed in posts, even if not allowed
  000218410[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-03Error Log - Filter Undefined doesn't work to filter and show just undefined ones.
  00023621[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-03[WYSIWYG] TabIndex skipping wysiwyg window
  000125311[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-03Member list uses wrong arrow image to indicate order
  00016785[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-03Sort with lists - data sort opposite to arrow sort
  00023745[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-03Email Link for 'My Community' Guest with warning message.
  00023771[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-03Comment Misspelling // Print the buttom row of buttons!
  00023691[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-03Display.template.php display_who_viewing - no background color w/fix
  00023731[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-03JS Error, View Own Warnings page
  00023762[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-03[mysql] search - The database value you're trying to insert does not exist: all_word_body_3
  00023721[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-02Wrong datatype for second argument - Removing Admin via groups
  00023751[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-02[Mysql] - Approving unapproved post - Wrong value type sent to the database. Integer expected.
  00023701[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-02Empty ul/li sections - Display.template.php - with text instead of buttons w/fix
  00019335[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-02Issues with the new display template
  00023711[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-02Warnings - {SITEURL} doesn't get replaced & Brackets remain around {FORUMNAME}
  00022091[SMF 2.0]
(No Category)
minorresolved2008-08-02Problems surrounding /me as well as incorrect parsing of extra lines in [code] or [pre] with /me involved
  00022172[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-02/me removes a line break without asking?
  00023612[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-08-02White is a color?
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