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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002729 [SMF 1.1]
majorresolved2008-11-08Upgrade.php may fail due to outdated version
  0002728 [SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
featurenew2008-11-06Announce topic to selected users
  00026156[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-11-06Email addresses may show in RSS feeds
  00024146[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-11-06newsletter failed to send
  00026731[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-11-06Package Manager with bbc lists in readme missing style sheet
  00027091[SMF 2.0]
tweakresolved2008-11-06change_menu.png file size is too big
  00027152[SMF 2.0]
textresolved2008-11-03'Reply #' in Display template does not translate correctly
  00027141[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-11-03Use separate 'Reply' strings for verb and noun
  00026961[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-28Managing multilingual registration agreement doesn't work properly
  00027001[SMF 2.0]
trivialresolved2008-10-27Extra line keeps popping up
  00027011[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-27Edit Custom Titles not working unless two other options are enabled
  00026781[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-26b/strong mismatch in Profile template
  00026872[SMF 2.0]
majorresolved2008-10-26Unable to add languages via the automatic connection to SMF
  00026891[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-26Package error not clear
  00026911[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-26Body length hardcoded in Subs-Post.php
  00026848[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-25Empty spider log
  00026971[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-25brd lost on post moderation page
  00026941[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-25xcache.var_size not properly handled
  00026889[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-25Cannot have nestled code tags
  00026792[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-24Another undefined index: forumProfile
  00026921[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-24Request to join group using incorrect url
  00026633[SMF 2.0]
featureresolved2008-10-20Warning system is useless without any way for the warned user to see their warning level
  00026751[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-19pg_escape_string only accepts one paramter in PHP < 5.2.0
  00026641[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-13Menu switch on profile redirects to own profile
  00026352[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-12[Sqlite] Togglebar click error
  00026612[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-12undefined function unescape__recursive()
  00026461[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-07Package functions will drop default value (SQLite)
  00026476[SMF 2.0]
trivialresolved2008-10-07Latest Profile template has a version conflict?
  00024544[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-05$config_var['force_div_id'] - Xhtml Invalid ids or when you don't want them
  00024131[SMF 2.0]
majorresolved2008-10-04DB Duplicate key error - Restoring Recycled Post to Recycled Topic
  00024734[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-04Theme deletion and board themes
  00026253[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
featurenew2008-10-04No option to disallow certain boards to be ignored
  00026274[SMF 2.0]
blockresolved2008-10-04Uploading UTF-16 Text Attachment Causes Corruption of File
  00026191[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-04sa=showPosts still around
  00026181[SMF 2.0]
textresolved2008-10-04Comment for removed functions in Profile files
  00026311[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-04Package Manager returns error when no file is given for the '<redirect>' tag.
  00026303[SMF 2.0]
trivialresolved2008-10-04Tab hurts my eyes
  00026281[SMF 2.0]
trivialresolved2008-10-03Typos in ManagePaid.php
  00025826[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-01Include database query in the error log
  00026241[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-01Missing $salvageBoardID in a repair board runtime function
  00026221[SMF 2.0]
majorresolved2008-10-01Unable to install language packages containing language-specific agreement.language.txt files
  00026001[SMF 2.0]
textresolved2008-10-01"// Use entities in the below string."
  00026011[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-01Spelling Bugs
  00026021[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-01TrackIP may be outdated with ip lists
  00026091[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-01Parse error when caching Help.english.php
  00025993[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-01reattribute_confirm never used?
  00026163[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-01action=who error
  00026231[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-01Database error when viewing Tracking user
  00024409[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-01Themes not showing in profile
  00026212[SMF 2.0]
minorresolved2008-10-01Paid Subs Expiry Email. < b >Today< /b >
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