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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00023183[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
minorclosed2014-06-07No option to input birthdate on registration?
   00016962[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
textclosed2014-06-07[Paid Subscriptions] prices don't use the correct decimal separator
   00022844[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
minorclosed2014-06-07Cannot submit inline edit form with ALT+S
   00025235[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
minorclosed2014-06-07"Do not submit twice" has a flaw...
  00010282[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
featureclosed2014-06-07Custom BBC
  00045421[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
featureclosed2014-06-07SHA-2 via hash()
   000090811[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
minorclosed2014-06-01Child boards get marked new where their is a new post in a grand child that isn't visible.
   00025243[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
textclosed2014-05-31Mod vs. Package
  00035677[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
minorclosed2014-05-31Toggle + / - buttons should have better alt/titles for accessibility users.
  00028977[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
minorclosed2014-05-31Awaiting Activation - NOT shown on dropdown menu
  00031028[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
minorclosed2014-05-31Adv profile fields - adding. - go back - options hidden
  00039475[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
minorclosed2014-05-31Minor issues with language editor in SMF admin center
   00027552[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
minorresolved2014-05-22Unable to edit Email Templates from admin center
  000378029[SMF 2.1]
minorclosed2014-05-18After an error, one cannot post anymore
  0004785 [SMF 2.1]
Ban List (Admin Panel)
tweakclosed2014-05-18Change default sorting order for some functions.
  000399313[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
tweakclosed2014-05-17Move post box size to template/CSS
  00047263[SMF 2.1]
minorclosed2014-04-21Issues with Keyboard Shortcuts
  00049262[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2014-04-21Submit button doesn't work after error [Safari]
  00048042[SMF 2.1]
tweakclosed2014-04-21basic html can not be enabled/disabled just for signatures
  00049555[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2014-04-21Calendar button
  00049071[SMF 2.0]
majorclosed2014-04-21Post form fails with attachment error, but there is nothing attahched
  00048972[SMF 2.0]
majorclosed2014-04-21Url/Iurl/automatically link urls for posts and topics applies to sigatures as well.
  00046791[SMF 1.1]
minorclosed2014-04-20Logic Error prevents modifying Other Members' Events
  0004524 [SMF 2.1]
minorclosed2014-04-20closing HTML-Tag cuts content..
  0004135 [SMF 1.1]
majorclosed2014-04-20DumpDatabase problems fixed
  0004664 [SMF 1.1]
tweakclosed2014-04-20round() with a number of decimal places sometimes generates odd results due to much higher accuracy
  000500117[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2014-04-20Login error with non-ascii charaters
  00048761[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2014-04-20pagination is wrong when posted with an RTL language
  00048079[SMF 2.1]
Features and Options
featureclosed2014-04-20Theme settings are not related to themes admin -> current theme
  00048843[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2014-04-20Remove button on first post/message
  00041781[SMF 1.1]
minorclosed2014-04-18Poll result still the same after member deletion
  0004092 [SMF 1.1]
crashclosed2014-04-17Settings.php emptied out if two users get database error close together in time
   000238326[SMF 2.1]
minorclosed2014-04-17To field: A matter of ergonomy
  0004906 [SMF 2.0]
tweakclosed2014-04-17Some RTL issues with IE8+
  000494012[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2014-04-16sending pm to user with quotes in name
  00037561[SMF 1.1]
majorclosed2014-04-16PM user search shows login name
  00029661[SMF 1.1]
minorclosed2014-04-16Cry smiley doesn't not parse correctly when used in signature
  00046452[SMF 1.1]
tweakclosed2014-04-161.1 "No Polls" Allows adding Polls to existing topics.
  00048442[SMF 2.1]
User Profile
minorclosed2014-04-12Remove the showEmailAddress function
  00042661[SMF 1.1]
minorclosed2014-04-12Users cannot login with passwords with ' (and potentially other characters)
  00045721[SMF 1.1]
minorclosed2014-04-12News fader on board index doesn't work in Chrome and Safari
  00049783[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2014-04-11New users cannot send PMs to other users -- but they can see and send email
  00050232[SMF 2.0]
tweakclosed2014-04-11html bbc is not prevented by nobbc
  00043644[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
minorclosed2014-04-11URLs with brackets not supported
  00050002[SMF 2.0]
minorclosed2014-04-05Code tag content getting messed up when posting from quick reply
  00044695[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
tweakclosed2014-04-05Refer to images in CSS at top of file
   00034111[SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"]
minorclosed2014-04-05Language string keys need changing from user to member
  00046933[SMF 2.1]
minorclosed2014-04-05Quick reply parses escaped HTML
  000431611[SMF 2.1]
minorclosed2014-04-05Brackets in username break quoting (WYSIWYG)
  00048512[SMF 2.1]
minorclosed2014-04-05Quoting long posts needs tweaking for Firefox.
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