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0002970SMF 3.0 "Saguaro"public2009-01-25 09:202013-06-25 08:40
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Summary0002970: SEF/Non-SEF links should redirect to enabled type or noindex
DescriptionThis is UBER! important for SEO purposes.

Anyone with an existing indexed website who then either enables OR disabled SEF urls will have issue with duplicated content.
(and struggle to get their old types of urls out of google)

When enabled/using standard smf urls
eg http://localhost/a/index.php?topic=987.0

any time a user uses an SEF style url
eg http://localhost/a/index.php/topic,987.0.html

should either be redirected to the standard url with http 301 moved permanently

and vice versa. When SEF url is enabled, standard links are redirected.

At MINIMUM, the disabled type should be noindex'ed.
(that way google will drop them, and the new url will be picked up from the link on the page)

(for most users, it is better to do this via smf, than via .htaccess)
Why is this needed?
- Google + other SE may find old-style links in posts and follow them
- On switching SEF on/off, it is important that the old-style are redirected or noindex, otherwise google will never drop them, and the new style will be discovered and marked as duplicate content.
Additional InformationP.S I made this private to avoid the smf-isnt-seo-brigade complaining about it.
child of 0003135resolved Aaron SMF 2.0 Add Canonical Link Support - Google/MS/Yahoo Duplicate content tag 
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2009-01-31 04:20   
Topic where user recently reported this as duplicate link issue.
2009-02-02 14:40   
As with the other SEO issues, though it would be nice to fix them ASAP, we are imho at a stage where we shouldn't be introducing relatively significant changes. Moving this to the next version.
2009-02-18 15:07   
After speaking to Aaron.

Carnonical tag reduces the need for this fix, but since it will only work for Google/Yahoo/Microsoft, a permanent redirect solution should be sought for 2.1 (so it works for other search engines)
2013-06-25 08:40   
Edit by emanuele: not sure why it was marked as private, removed.