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08-17-2018 05:09 AM

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0004691SM - WikiExtensionspublic2013-07-09 17:31
Product VersionWiki Beta 
Target VersionWiki BetaFixed in Version 
Summary0004691: Tooltips Extension Not Working
DescriptionThe Tooltips extension is installed, and partly working
but does not work properly. and following -- nothing there at all -- javascript missing from tag

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SleePy (Developer)

It is something in MediaWiki itself. It is stripping the javascript stuff from the tags.


AngelinaBelle (SMF Friend)

I wonder why it works elsewhere and not here. Is something hooked in a different order? Should tooltip parsing be done AFTER regular parsing, so the javascript doesn't get removed by the sanitizer?


SleePy (Developer)

I followed the guides to setting it up exactly. Unless another extension or security setting is messing it up. I can give you a copy of our setting files so you can see everything we have set.


AngelinaBelle (SMF Friend)

We are using (ca. 2008)
which seems to have known problems with mediawiki 1.1.12 and up, despite some work in the SVN 2010 against mediawiki 1.1.12.

Work seems to be proceeding with a successor: now. Though the files linked from that page look like junk, there is stuff in the SVN at with some of the js having been touched 4 weeks ago.

If this is impractical, maybe we can try


Illori (Developer)

i think it would be easier to drop the tooltips extension and use the tooltips from semantic mediawiki
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