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08-17-2018 05:09 AM

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0004899SMF 2.0Generalpublic2014-01-26 20:51
Summary0004899: Incorrect string conversion when using utf8_strtoupper() function on systems with no mbstring support
DescriptionThe utf8_strtoupper() function makes use of at least one incorrect glyph conversion pair resulting in converting the small capital letter 's' into the so called "long s" '?' instead of the usual capital letter 'S'.
Steps To ReproduceCan be reproduced by using any functionality that depends on the utf8_strtoupper() function while using a system with no mbstring support.

Example: attempting to install additional languages with names beginning with the letter "s" (Serbian, Swedish, Spanish...) will always result in displaying their names such as "?erbian", "?wedish", "?panish" etc.
Additional InformationAffects almost all string manipulation functions inside the $smcFunc array such as $smcFunc['ucword'], $smcFunc['ucfirst'] etc.

A simple solution for dealing with the letter 's' would be to remove the pair 's' => '?' in Subs-Charset.php, line 329 because there is no need for converting the small letter 's' into '?'.
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holodoc (Viewer)

I checked all the conversion pairs and can at least claim that the rest is correct for standard English letters, Serbian Latin and German.

It would be good to let people specialized for other languages take a look at those conversion tables because there might still be some incorrect pairs.


holodoc (Viewer)

Just a quick note. Mantis is not displaying the letter right, Instead of the question mark there is supposed to be a "long s" sign -


arrowtotheknee (SMF Friend)

Fixed in 2.1
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